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Maryland Licensed Practical Nurses Association, Inc.

LPNs are Caring Nurses


The Licensed Practical / Vocational Nurse
1. Shall hold a current license to practice nursing as
an LP/VN in accordance with the law of the state
wherein employed.
2. Shall know the scope of nursing practice authorized
by the Nursing Practice Act in the state wherein
3. Shall have a personal commitment to fulfill the legal
responsibilities inherent in good nursing practice.
4. Shall take responsible actions in situations wherein
there is unprofessional conduct by a peer or other
health care provider.
5. Shall recognize and have a commitment to meet the
ethical and moral obligations of the practice of
6. Shall not accept or perform professional responsibil-
ities which the individual knows (s)he is not
competent to perform.

The Code for Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses

The Code, adopted by NFLPN in 1961 and revised in 1979, provices a motivation for establishing, maintaining and elevating professional standards. Each LP/VN, upon entering the profession, inherits the responsibility to adhere to the standards of ethical practice and conduct as set forth in this Code.
1. Know the scope of maximum utilization of the LP/VN
as specified by the nursing practice act and function
within this scope.
2. Safeguard the confidential information acquired from
any source about the patient.
3. Provide health care to all patients regardless of
race, creed, cultural background, disease, or life
4. Uphold the highest standards in personal appearance,
language, dress, and demeanor.
5. Stay informed about issues affecting the practice of
nursing and delivery of health care and, where
appropriate, participate in government and policy
6. Accept the responsibility for safe nursing by
keeping oneself mentally and physically fit and
educationally prepared to practice.
7. Accept responsibility for membership in NFLPN and
participate in its efforts to maintain the establish-
ed standards of nursing practice and employment
policies which lead to quality patient care.


The Maryland Licensed Practical Nurses Association, Inc. is a Consitituent of The National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, whose membership has always been for Licensed Practical Nurses. Its membership, likewise, consists of Licensed Practical Nurses, Practical Nursing Students, and Affiliate Members
A. First and upper most is to improved patient care.
B. To work for the good of the Profession of Nursing.
C. To foster high standards of Practical Nursing
Education, Services, and Practice so that the best
nursing care will be available to every patient.
D. To encourage every Licensed Practical Nurse to take
part regularly in continuing educational activities
for the benefit of improved patient care and the
nurses alike.
E. To secure recognition for and the effective utiliz-
ation of Licensed Practical Nurses in every type
of health facility.
F. To interpret the role and function of the Licensed
Practical Nurse for the public in order to win
greater understanding and appreciation of Practical
Nursing's contribution to the Nation's Health Care
G. To represent Practical Nursing through relationships
with Nursing Allied Health Organizations, Legislators,
Government Officials, Health Agencies, Institutions,
Educators, and other Professional groups that share
the common goal of improved patient care.
H. To serve as a central source of information on what
is new and changing in Practical Nursing Education,
Service, and practice on the local, State and
National levels.